Lady in the Streets but a Freak in the Sheets

Lady in the Streets but a Freak in the Sheets

Ladies, this is the perfect woman.  However, there is a thin line that many females habitually cross.  Ladies, to be within the parameter of this quote, you have to be a LADY in the STREETS.  That is the most important (and for some most difficult) part of the quote.  Being a freak in the sheets is the easy, yet necessary and expected part. Being lady is about having decorum and carrying yourself in a way that shows that you respect yourself and thus others should respect you also. It’s not to say that you don’t enjoy sex or that you’re really a prude; but a man shouldn’t be able to look at you and know or even assume that you get down and dirty. Or hear your name (or nickname because to men jumps don’t have government names) and know what you did last weekend, last month, last year and with who!

The problem arises when the word lady is replaced by freak…Freak in the Streets!  There is a thin line between being a freak in the sheets and a freak in the streets.  It can happen without you even really doing anything.  Let’s just say you’re on twitter talking bout how your so-called yams are or how your head game is great.  Now although you might not have a lot of partners in real life, you crossed the line by telling the STREETS your business.  No man wants other men knowing how their partners sex game is.  That’s why men don’t even speak on their significant others sex game.  It’s easy to talk about a jank you just beat and it won’t nothing because you don’t care.  However, we do not want our ladies business to be known.

Ladies, nobody wants to wife the community jump.  NOBODY!  There should be no time where men can have a roundtable discussion about your sex game.  That means you’re not a LADY IN THE STREETS, however you’re the local FREAK.  The problem is, most women don’t think they are the freak in the streets and they actually are.  Let me tell you right now, men aren’t going to tell you you’re the local jump.  As men we don’t care what your thoughts are on the situation because we already have been told by other people that this LADY IN THE STREETS act you’re putting on is a fake.

Ladies please stop giving up the yams just cause and acting as if you are JUST a FREAK IN THE SHEETS.  No ma’am, you are the FREAK IN THE STREETS.  You cannot be on social networks bragging on your “yams” or head game and expect a man not to approach about just those two things.  Men only do what women allow them to do.  If we see you talking about sex all the time then that’s all were going to want.  I’m not saying you have to be in a relationship to have sex however I am saying watch the people you decide to partake in sexual acts with.  I’m tired of women getting mad because their business is out there like they did not think it would happen.  If you have sex with multiple people that know each other, best believe they are talking about you.  Stop being naïve!  Men talk just like women do.  However, this goes back to RESPECT! If you gain respect from the man before you have sex with him then the chances of him spreading your business decreases.  If you telling twitter how good your yams or your head game is…then we figure you don’t respect yourself enough to be discrete…so why should we? You must like your business to be public knowledge. Stay away from that thin line that separates a LADY in the streets and a FREAK in the streets…

3 Responses to Lady in the Streets but a Freak in the Sheets

  1. Ambrose says:

    Good read! I’m about catch up on your last 2 post in the morning

  2. Nick says:

    Boring! If you want a fucking freak then they should be a freak all the time. No woman should have to put on two acts to please a guy. If i want a lady then she should be a lady in bed, but i like having fun so i want a girl who is down right nast like me all day everyday. Stop carrying about your own fucking social standing and have fun in life.

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