July 8, 2011

Stereotypes kill me.  I’m sick and tired of people letting stereotypes lead them to false accusations of people.  A woman who hangs with mostly males is a hoe?  People are so quick to judge a book by its cover.  To me it’s an excuse due to your reading level being equivalent to a 3rd grader.  People who judge others are usually not very happy with their lives. So they judge others to attempt to put others on the same ground zero level as themselves.  Stereotypes are not something you should believe in.  They have no credibility.  Human beings are individuals with individualized lifestyles.  You cannot categorize individuals.  It’s an oxymoron.

Why in this cruel world we live in is it impossible for a female to be able to hang with a group of males without being considered a hoe?  Here’s a scenario…you walk into a bar and you see a group of 5 males with 1 female.  Your initial thought is she has to be fucking at least one of them.  For the sake of argument, what if she is?  How does that make her a hoe?  I’ll wait… It bothers me so much because I actually have female platonic friends who aren’t fucking anybody in my circle.  That’s why the term “sister” is used.  Now you do have that small percentage of sick fuckers who call themselves being private and call a woman his sister or best friend and be having casual sex.  However, you cannot just immediately judge a female hanging with all males.  Has it dawned on you that women are possibly the FAKEST CREATURE ON EARTH TOWARDS EACH OTHER!  I have witnessed on too many occasions females backstab one another, so why in God’s green earth would a SMART woman want to continue to be backstabbed? 

So we have the con of being a female hanging with all males, but what about the pro’s.  The number one pro of a female that hangs with mostly males is she is not falling for most of the bullshit we men put women thru.  These women in this category usually are able to sniff out bullshit fast because they are around men a lot.  They see the daily whorish activities men do.  The text messages, the phone calls, the plans, etc.  Another pro is they realize the small things that are needed to keep her man at home.  She hears the conversations between males and refuses to be the woman being talked about.  Females usually go to guys for answers because unlike females we don’t judge their situation.  We’ve probably been thru the exact situation their going thru.

With that being said, men and women both should judge themselves before you’re quick to judge a person.  Men shouldn’t be afraid of a woman that has a lot of male friends.  The biggest thing required in a relationship is TRUST.  If you don’t trust her then don’t get with her in the first place.  You have to understand that her “brothers” have taught her the game and she will not fall for your bullshit.  You sound like a female if you tell your partner she cannot have male friends.  Especially if those male friends were there before you and her became an item.  Females you just need to worry about yourself.  Stop being so quick to judge each other.  It is very possible for a female to hang with mostly males and not be fucking all of them.  Let this sink in conclusion, YOU PROBABLY DON’T HAVE MANY MALE FRIENDS BECAUSE YOU HAVE FUCKED YOUR WHOLE CITY…