May 4, 2012


Ladies, do not attempt to think like a man! It is not in your best interest to do so. For example, what happens when two magnets of the same variable attract? They separate, and try everything possible not to link. Remember the old school statement? “Study long, Study wrong,” well this is definitely true in this situation. I cannot tell you women enough, we are simple! In the movie, they displayed a few situations, in what I like to call the “Man vs. Woman” tug of war. In this blog, I will touch on one of the situations that stuck out the most to me. Which was, the, so called “90 day rule.” Steve Harvey should be shot in the head for actually believing himself when he put that in his book and movie. I know you’ll are not thinking about waiting 90 days! Let’s break this down; 3 months=90 days=2160 hours=129,600 minutes=7,776,000 seconds=90 DAY RULE MY ASS!

You can’t be serious! If you are, then where did the exact number of 90 come from? Why not push it a whole 180? Or maybe a year! Let me share something with you about men. When a man meets a woman, he notices the physical. There is nothig wrong with that! Hell, females do the same thing. (Sidenote- Ladies, you know we can see you looking at our pants for a print right?) Once we get past the physical, it is already set in our head if we want to have sex with you or not. With a man, sex does not need an emotion. Honestly,you don’t have to talk!  We would still have sex, and we would be thankful to avoid the “After Talk.” One thing about most men, is we’re stubborn! If a man has it set in his head, “I’m a hit and quit it,” then a time limit you put on the yams will not stop him from quitting you on the 91st day of your 90 day theory. On the other hand, if you wait a week or two, and a man has it set that he really likes what he is dealing with, he is not going to leave because you let him hit too fast. Hell, it might help your chances of keeping him! Let’s be honest, even women are not trying to wait 90 days. But I can tell you this, if a man does wait 90 days, HE IS HAVING SEX WITH SOMEBODY ELSE! You really want to start your new situation like that?

Now do not get it twisted, I am not saying go out here and just be on some wild stuff.  I definitely am all for getting to know each other. I also will have to say ladies, you have to feel a guy out to know if he is going to be a hit it and quit it guy.  Most of the time, women set themselves up to let a man hit it and quit it.  Lets just eliminate the number 90.  All women have this “clock” in there head.  Most the time it is not an actual day.  It can be dates, how much she knows about the man, who she’s met in his life, etc.  I say this in all my blogs, its all about reaching the median.  Sex is important in relationships, however with a man all you really have to do is find that connection.  It might be sports, cars, exercising, etc.  In the movie she found the median of music with him and next thing you know he was falling without even knowing it.  Men will not tell you we’re falling for you but our actions show it.  Just be observant of the signs we as men give to let you know that we are beginning to fall.  No matter what a man says, we fall in love too…