June 22, 2012

Summer Relationship vs. Other Seasons

Everybody want to know why men seem to always get in relationships during all the seasons but summer.  It’s actually very simple.  There is just too much stuff to do during the summer to concentrate fully on the relationship.  In the other seasons, men concentrate fully on the relationship due to the fact it’s boring. Sorry to bust your bubble ladies but it’s not you.  But, give me a chance to help you ladies out on how to keep your man during the summer.

First step, is to not be extra when he begins to do different things that he normally didn’t do in the other seasons.  You’re going to notice that he’s beginning to go out with the fellas more and he might not call as he normally would.  But, do not panic.  This is to be expected.  It’s the summertime ladies.

Second step, is return the favor.  Now don’t go to hard but there is no point in you sitting in the house looking dumb in the face.  Go out with your homegirls too.  Believe me, if they have a boo, they are going through the same situation you are going through.

Third step, is not to let the situation get too out of hand on both ends.  Don’t let the man think it’s alright to just ignore the fact that he has changed since the summer hit.  How do you do that?  Simple, take control ladies.  I know its kind of hard for some of you to do so because you don’t know how to reach the happy median of crazy/worrisome compared to the (as my co worker calls it) nice, nasty.

Fourth step, FUCK THE SHIT OUT YOUR MATE! ON THE REGULAR BASIS! The one thing you don’t want to do is stop giving him some because it’s easy to cheat during the winter, fall and spring seasons. Just imagine how easy it is when women out here half naked and choosing!

But honestly ladies, the key is to take control.  Don’t be the crazy woman!  You do have the power of the p.u.s.s.y.  You just need to know how to use it.  Don’t lose the power of it by doing anything with it.    You know have to understand that in the summer things will be a little different.  But, you have to switch it up on your mate.  Keep everything new and excite him and I promise he will remain yours.  Don’t let the summer heat defeat you…