Fellas, being inconsistent is defeating us. It all boils down to us not doing the things that we say. I can admit to failing at being consistent as well. But, I’m going to also state that it is not fair to the other person. There have been times where one day I am this nice person and trying to hold conversation with the opposite sex. But, 3 days later I am no where to be found. Why do we do that? Well there are a number a reasons that we do it. Sometimes we feel as if we are giving a little bit too much of ourselves. Sometimes we honestly just need some time to ourselves or don’t feel like communicating with others. The inconsistency comes when we do not give them the opportunity to know. So, to women, we are sending mixed signals. Once we are not on the same page, assumptions begin to happen and the truth is lost. Then comes the moment we decide to come back. Where we really go wrong is jumping right back into it as if we did not disappear for a few days. Then when she is acting funny or “brand new” we place all the blame on her.

I feel as everything can be compared to sports. So, fellas I will put this in perspective for you using sports. Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quaterbacks to ever play the the game of football. What separates Peyton Manning from the average quaterback is the fact he can read the defense and change the play at the line. He usually has to COMMUNICATE with the other players on the field. He tells each wide receiver what route he would like them to run. This is a very direct signal. If Peyton struggled at giving direct signals then his teamates would not be on the same page as him. If Peyton thinks his receiver is running a go route and the receiver runs an out route, the play is ruined. Not only that, it could possibly lead to a turnover. What makes Peyton so good is the signals he gives. He has been consistent in his career with giving signals and has made wide receivers look great because of it. Wide receivers around the NFL would love to play with Peyton because they know with him you get consistency.

You want to know why women lose interest so fast or doesn’t want to play for your team? The lack of consistency doesn’t give them the confidence that you’ll will be a winning team. Who wants to play for a losing team? The question I present to men is, when are we going to stop losing good women due to inconsistency? Being consistent is a very important quality to have. When women see consistency it allows the relationship to be consistent as well. Not only that, it consequently will bring other great qualities you need in a relationship. Being consistent brings trust! With trust the relationship can reach heights neither one of the partners thought was possible. I challenge men (including myself) to practice being consistent. We have to find a happy median with the opposite sex. Inconsistency has to stop being the reasoning women say they are losing interest. Lets stop allowing inconsistency to be such a determining factor of our relationship with the opposite sex. Especially when being consistent is actually not that hard to do…

4 Responses to Inconsistency

  1. Traeday says:

    Very well said. It’s ok to want your space but communication is key.

  2. Sachet says:

    Very accurate and absolutely key on both parts

  3. Ace Boogie says:

    Very Well Put Bro

  4. Loved this..I preach this to everyone!

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