What is this?

January 22, 2014

What is this?

Serious question “Why do women want the title of girlfriend so bad?”  Let me start this by stating, THE TITLE OF GIRLFRIEND WILL NOT STOP A MAN FROM DOING WHAT HE WANTS TO DO.  I don’t know who made the women who think this but it is a terrible way of thinking.

I was told it was to define the grey area. But, who is in the grey area? When I think of the grey area I think of the God awful question, “So, what is this?”  I’m going tell you what most men are thinking at the time, “What she mean what is this.” What it is called is FUN! So enjoy it while it is going good.  Why is it not possible just for two people to build without having that talk?  What answer are you looking for at that moment of the question?  The truth is the man is probably just as confused if not more confused as to “What is this?” than you.  As a man we do not mind the grey area because our goal is to be happy.  Once happiness is created from the relationship the man of your dreams will appear.  But that comes with making it through the so called “grey” area.  That area when you text or call and he don’t respond and it takes everything in you to not ask “Where were you?”  The truth is everybody deals with somebody else when you first meet them.  The key to that is setting yourself apart from that person.  Show the person you’re interested in a different side of life.  Introduce him to new things that he may not have tried.

I’ve said this a million times but the key is communication.  When I say communication I mean learn that person.  Learn his or her goals, what that person likes and dislikes.  Don’t force yourself on that person because that’s what most men are used to.  The thing that creates this so called “grey” area truly is sex.  Before sex you didn’t care what that man was doing to be honest.  But, if you the infamous question “What is this?” more than likely you’ve asked it before.  I’m sure that didn’t go the way you thought it would go.  You do know what they call people who keep trying the same thing and expecting a different result…INSANE!

Then I heard that women are seeking validation from the word Girlfriend.  That’s all you’re looking for? If that’s all you’re looking for then there are multiple ways to earn that other than a simple noun.  You really cannot think that by a man being your “Boyfriend” that it will stop him from cheating, flirting, etc.  You want to know what will make him stop doing the type of things no woman wants from her man. HIMSELF! One of my friends told me “I think that love is mainly a feeling. That’s creates a bigger plan. I think to be in love u have to “as a woman” let a man be a man in his own time without pressure.” Let that man be the man he is. It will prove to be your best option.  By doing this you will receive the opportunity to see who you’re getting involved with.  It will also save you a lot of hurt and heartache.  Once you get sold that dream your mind is assured on something that is not true.  A dream is defined as “an idea or vision that is created in your imagination and that is not real.” You don’t want to be the worlds “Girlfriend” do you?