Football season

Ladies! I’m back and this time I’m here to help you out. All it takes is the will to have a peaceful household and relationship. I’m a break down a few things you can do to make football season work for you and your partner. Now this goes for women who like the great game of football and those who don’t also.

For my ladies who despise football season and pout around the house. Please stop that childish behavior and make it worth your while. Let me ask you this, how did you feel about Beyoncé’s performance at the vma’s? Well, that’s exactly how we feel about football. In every situation there is always a positive outcome that can me made for both parties. If you follow these simple steps I promise you happiness.

First things first, the games come on around 1pm each and every Sunday. So that’s gives you a decent window to prepare. Go to the grocery store and get a pack of chicken wing and a pack of beer. If this will be your first time doing this, don’t tell him what you doing. The element of surprise is key if you’re losing your football wife virginity. Now here’s the key, when the game is on please don’t get to asking allllllll them questions. That comes later. You serve your man that plate of food with a nice cold beer when the game starts. You sit down but not too close. This isn’t a redbox night. Relax and really watch the game. Hell fake it if you got to. So it’s halftime, ITS NOT TIME FOR QUESTIONS YET! If you’re wondering why I keep reiterating don’t ask questions. It’s due to the stories I personally have and countless others I’ve heard. They say no question is a dumb question but somebody lied. Some of the questions women ask about football just were of the level of a pre schooler. Back to the game, study the game, think about your questions. Now the game has ended, ask the questions and please make them of substance. Now you have the 4pm game. Don’t get restless, patience is a virtue. Believe me your time will come. Go mind your business and watch tv in the room. Go hang with your girls who hopefully did the first steps like you did. Now here’s the important part. You cannot text him when you’re out. Let him watch the game in peace. Text him round 7 and ask what he wants for dinner. Come home and make dinner and you’ll eat. I promise, depending on if his team is playing the night game, he will not make it thru that game. His tongue will become a paintbrush, your pussy the canvas, and he will attempt to paint Mona Lisa in your box…….Sig1

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