Keep It 100

January 23, 2015

Fellas, BE THE BEST MAN YOU CAN BE FROM THE START OF MEETING A FEMALE! The consequences are major and not worth it.  I’m speaking as a person who has gone through it personally. I was not ready for a relationship but decided to string her along as if I knew I was. In return what I caused myself was a world of hurt and emptiness that can never be replaced.

Some guys are lucky and find that great, understanding woman who will allow mistakes and still give you multiple chances. Do not take this for granted…I repeat…DO NOT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED! There is an old saying that “Once you are down you have no where to go but up.”  Well I’m here to tell you that statement is totally false and inaccurate. There are plenty of ways we dig our hole deeper and deeper until the point we can’t even see the light of day. Once you get to that point there is really nothing to can do but wait. While waiting, you will drive yourself crazy, if she is the one. Losing a good woman is something no man should want. To prevent that there are certain things that should be done…

  1. MAKE SURE SHE FEELS LIKE NOTHING ELSE MATTERS BUT HER! Make her number 1! This will take you a long way just following this rule. By following this rule everything else will fall into place as needed. When she calls, answer! When she wants to spend time, spend time! When she wants something and you can do it, DO IT! It’s as simple as that
  2. Cater to her! I know what some are going to say. That is a woman’s job. Times have changed drastically. Both male and female are working and paying bills. So everything else needs to be split as well. Cook for her sometimes! Back rubs and feet rubs go a long way. Clean up the crib. When she gets off simply tell her “get in the bed and relax, I got this!” Surprise her with random thoughts of kindness. This doesn’t mean gifts of monetary value. But, it doesn’t hurt to pop up at her job with some roses or if you’ll are going on a date (not the first one) surprise with flowers then as well. The element of surprise is your friend! Always keep her knowing something is coming but not knowing what it is!
  3. Effective communication! This is very important! In every relationship, you’re going to have disagreements. The key is not to argue but to discuss the disagreement. But, you have to go into the conversation OPEN minded! If you’re still mad about the situation then just simply tell her can we please talk about this at a later time (that goes for you ladies as well). There is nothing worst than discussing a topic with someone who is still mad at the situation. Effectively discuss the topic and come to a happy median.
  4. Last but not least, earn her trust and keep it! If you have fallen like I have done in the past, it can be very difficult to get but it is possible. The key is, if you earn it back, KEEP IT! Without the trust of your significant other everything else will fall out of place.

I could give you’ll rules for days to follow. But, with these 4 alone you will conquer a lot of the major issues relationships have (other than financial). Believe me, you do not want to lose the woman of your dreams due to something you have full control over…MAKING HER NUMBER 1!!!!