The Smart Fool

Can love cause you to be a fool? Absolutely it can and the kicker is it can happen very easily. The positive is sometimes what you call a fool can end up with you being the winner. Now I’m not saying disrespect yourself (which is a thin line to walk by “Playing the fool”). What I am saying is do what makes you happy.

There are a few ways to playing the “Smart fool.” I actually spoke to a few coworkers about this to gain some personal situations where they considered themselves to be playing the fool. Trying to be with a person that you know is dealing with another person was the first. In this situation, they told me they would check their phone all the time. Spend a lot of time with the person so you know the time is not going to the other party. What worked was picking up a lot of other things to do and to stay busy. It is almost impossible to be in that situation and not think about what the other person is doing when they’re not with you.  So, picking up hobbies actually was a great suggestion. Read, exercise, I don’t care what it is but you have to find something to keep your mind occupied.  Now, I can tell you what is not going to work. Being worrisome and forcing yourself on that person. Speaking about the other situation all the time will only cause that person to gravitate the way you don’t want. However, what you don’t want to do is give too much space to have the person forget you.

Of course you have the other option of just leaving. This could end up being a wise decision. However, what if you’re truly in love and you know you want to be with that person? Out of sight out of mind may not be the best thing to do if your goal is to be with that particular person. To add to the suggestion of picking up a few hobbies and staying busy would be to capitalize on the time you actually do get to spend with the person. This will help with just focusing on the other person’s happiness. In time, I believe this will only do good things. Also, when he/she is out dating, they will think about you. The smallest things will bug the person because of the happiness you’re providing each time you’ll are together.

Come up with the “If-Then” plan and you will succeed if you are truly done. If you want to call, then i will… That will be the best plan for you. Like when I don’t want to work out, then I step outside to get motivated. If you feel like you’re going to do something that you know you don’t want to do then you need to come up with a then plan. This strategy allows you to increase your chances to control your impulses.

Now, I’m not saying this will work. But, I’ve never been one to quit on things that I wanted. Relationships should not be any different. I’ve seen so many relationships fail because one person just gave up. They say love conquers all and I’m the hopeless romantic that happens to believe that.


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