The Fight

What is happening? Where are we going?  When does it end?

Here’s the issue, we are confused. What makes it worst is, our back is against the wall with no answers being provided. It comes down to the old statement, Flight or Fight? But, where can we run if there is nowhere to run to? That leaves just one option, FIGHT! To my people, my Kings and Queens, fighting is the option but we have to be strategic. It is very clear that we have done everything we thought would work. We have marched, we have protest, and this go round we have killed. With all of those actions, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. The definition of insanity states doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I commend our people for attempting to do those previously stated actions. However, nothing has come from them, so it’s time to try something else.

We have to put ourselves in position for our voice to be heard. I love all the social media outlets and the hashtags, but what is that really doing? I scroll my social media’s and see the same post over and over. Guess what? The people who need to see these things do not follow you. What else can you do? Who can you honestly reach outside of the ones who feel just like you? We have to have composure and come together and speak to those who make decisions. But, composure is what we will need. There is a way to argue and a way to prove your point. The fact is, regardless if you want to agree or not, they see what is happening. I have to admit, being a person who knows police officers; it is very easy to point the blame to every police officer. They are human as well and have families to support. What just transpired in Dallas is definitely not going to change anything. Those cops who were injured and killed had nothing to do with the previous cases of killings by those that share the same badge. We are perpetuating the cycle and causing our voices to lose power by doing so.

We need to gain the knowledge and education to be able to become the people to make those decisions. We need our people to become the district attorneys to file the indictment of the officer. We need our people to become the judge that hears the arguments of both sides. We need to become the stand-up citizens to be chosen as a juror on the case. If we are not going to gain the education then we at least need to be front and center when it’s time to vote for those said people. We want change but post hashtags and not vote. We want change in a nation but it starts in your community first. Together, if we attack our individual communities, we become unified. Then we will begin to see the change that is needed. I’m reading the book titled “Your Best Life Now” and it states you need to “Become what you Believe.” This is the quote we need to focus on more than ever in this trying time.

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with anything anybody decides to do. The truth is as a society what else did we think would happen? There has been too much blood shed. But, as a human I have to face the fact that violence begets violence. I don’t have all the answers, but I know something needs to change. To me, it begins with each and every one of us reaching out to those who make the decisions. Reach out to your mayor, your sheriff, police commissioner, district attorney, congressmen, etc. Bring the real world to their face and don’t allow them to hide behind a “statement” that they probably didn’t even write.

As a black man, I am terrified at this point to be an American. There was a quote they drilled in our head, “Proud to be an American.” The question stands now…am I even an American….?


One Response to The Fight

  1. tamecsha elliott says:

    This is the start of great conversation. All of the world is talking about it but I also think it is time for a movement, movement of Love. That is the only one thing that can change the hate that America has come to. Thank you J for your voice.

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