Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy Relationships

Ladies, please refrain from staying in an unhealthy relationship for reasons that are considered excuses.  I hear to many times women giving excuses as to why they stay with a man when the writing is on the wall.  The biggest excuse I hear is the length of time of the relationship.  No matter if it is months or years, nobody deserves to be dragged through mud, there comes a point when enough is enough.  The 80/20 ratio is an equation that too many women fall into and it’s not sound in a relationship or anything in life.  If you are giving 80 and only receiving 20 then you are dumb.  No matter what situation were talking about you’re losing.  I could deal with a women saying I’m giving 60 and receiving 40 but where you want to be is 50/50.  The statement equally yoked has a key word…EQUALLY!  Without equality in the relationship then you have to work twice as hard.

What describes an unhealthy relationship?  To each his own, however for the majority it is pretty consistent across the board.

1. Physical abuse, this is self explanatory, if you stay and you’re being hit then I have no pity for you due to not caring about yourself enough to leave.

2. Mental/emotional abuse, this is tough because some people’s skin are tougher than others.  Some women can take being talked to any type of way and dish the mental and emotional abuse back.  However, it is up to you ladies to know yourself!  If you know you do not want this type of abuse then please don’t subject yourself to such.

3. Your needs and wants not being met or even attempted to be met.  In prior blogs, I stated communication is the key and in this dog eat dog world closed mouths don’t get fed.  Let your needs and wants be known, WELL KNOWN.  By telling a man your wants and needs you’re creating a paper trail of what you did in order to avoid an unhealthy relationship.

4. INSECURITY is a big problem in relationships.  Whether the insecurity is from the male or female, it still causes the relationship to be unhealthy.  Any relationship with insecurities in them lack trust and without trust you don’t have a relationship.  Trust is necessary in order to have growth in the relationship.  Naturally you want to have a partner you don’t have to question and know without a doubt has your best interest at heart.

 5. I’m a title this one Dream Chasers.  This is when it’s a sex only relationship and a partner is expecting something more.  When a person is thinking millions and the partner is thinking dollars there is no way the partnership is going to work.  When you’re in a relationship, it is no longer about what each other wants individually, however as a team how can we succeed as much as possible.  There is nowhere to go once you’ve reached a dead end but to turn around and start a new route to happiness.  Sex is great, however if you’re looking for something more from a person then it is clearly unhealthy to remain in a relationship that started with and has only been about sex.  Believe me, it will also end with sex.

There have been situations where I’ve seen a person going down a one way street.  When you’re going down a one way street then you’re not only not receiving anything, you are driving to a place of no return.  If a man is not doing the necessary things to keep you then clearly he does not want you. There is a zero tolerance of unhealthy relationships.  Even if it is just a friendship, why still be friends with a person that uses you?  Men manipulate situations when it is presented to us that it is possible to manipulate.  We as men, only do what you women allow us to do.  I know I’m beating a dead horse but it cannot be stated enough that women have the power.  Do not allow yourself to be run over and not receive what you deserve.  You are the prize and deserve to be treated as such…

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