Males shouldn’t be jealous, that’s a female trait

“Males shouldn’t be jealous, that’s a female trait”Jay-Z

Fellas, we have to do better. I’ve heard too many stories of a man getting mad at another man due to his significant other cheating or something to do with his significant other. For argument sake, let’s just say your significant other cheated on you. Naturally you’re going to be mad at all parties involved. However, there is only one person to be mad at…YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER! That man did not do anything wrong except being a man. The first problem is in most situations when your significant other cheats its stemming from a situation that happened. Women do not just cheat just because. It may be petty but women will always point of 1 or 2 specific points of why they cheated. It could be that honestly you are not handling your business in the bedroom. Best believe if you aren’t then somebody is available to take your spot.  It also could be as simple as not showing or proving your love for your partner.  When a women steps out on a relationship something is missing.  She is stepping out to find whatever she feels is missing.  It could be you not taking her out, you dont listen to her or you’re always busy and dont show her attention.  Women need to feel wanted and loved.  The main defense men have is to constantly show your significant other how important she is in your life and you dont have to worry about her stepping out. Also know your role with a woman and play your position just like we ask them to, because if you have no claim to her then you look foolish getting angry and jealous over what she’s doing or who she is talking to.

The second problem is we have no clue as to what she was telling that man. She could’ve simply stated she was single and he acted accordingly. Please believe me that women sell dreams just like men do. In all actually, they are better at it than us. Women can make a man believe anything! We are simple and can be told anything by a female and believe it. However, we will be ready to a fight a man who we don’t know if it is found that your partner cheated. After the fight, win or lose, you still stuck with a woman who cheated on you and a decision has to be made if you’re going to stay with her. The biggest problem is when a woman cheats on a man it takes a piece of his pride and manhood away. Pride can lead a man to irrational decisions and when it’s all said and done, that pride is going to lead you to look stupid.

Another problem we as men have with jealousy is it leads to setting ourselves up. Never ask a woman a question that you are not prepared to answer yourself. If you know you’re going to get jealous then don’t answer it. Also, if you know if you significant other would be jealous if you answered the same question then avoid it at all cost. Please don’t set yourself up for the okie doke for example going through a phone or accusing your significant other of talking to a specific person knowing that you are doing the same thing. Your jealously can actually dig you a hole that you don’t want to be in. Because if you’re wrong then you gone look real dumb. But with that being said; fellas we need to check ourselves when we find ourselves being jealous. Because jealousy is a form of insecurity and it isn’t attractive. Furthermore over jealousy is a tell tale sign that your partner needs to pay closer attention to what you are doing because the only reason a man would be so convinced that his partner is doing dirt (especially if there are no signs or reports) is because HE is doing dirt.

In conclusion, there has to be a zero policy for jealously being shown by men. Jealously only leads to negative outcomes. There’s a thin line of not wanting a person to deal with someone else and being jealous. Don’t allow your jealously lead you to looking like Boo Boo the Fool! It has to stop and has to stop now…

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